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Frequently Asked Questions

Christmas and Holiday Hamper Program

Can I donate more than a week's worth of food or more than one gift per child?
We ask that you provide a week's worth of food (or grocery gift certificates) and one gift per child as a minimum. Anything that you wish to donate over and above is up to you.

When and where do I drop off my hamper?
When you signup to sponsor a family you will be asked to select a drop off date and time from a list of available time slots. We will do our best to accommodate your request. A week prior to hamper days, you will be sent an email message containing the drop off location, date, and time.

Do I get to meet the family?
No, due to the Personal Information Protection Act, we have to be selective about the family information that we give to our donors. The family comes to the community hall to pickup their hamper.

How much does it cost to sponsor a family?
We estimate that it costs approximately $400.00 - $500.00 to sponsor a family of 5, including food and gifts.

I want to be adopted, what I do need to do?
All of our families are referred to us by the Community Resource Centers. Please contact the Resource Center in your community and arrange for an interview.

I can't adopt a family, but I would still like to help out. What can I do?
We can make arrangements so that you can donate the gift portion or the food portion of a hamper and we will ensure that the hamper is completed.
You can volunteer to help collect and distribute hampers on Hamper Days.
You can become a member of our board and assist with the on-going operations of our programs.
Please contact as at necaafs@shaw.ca or 590 6656.

Can I donate used items?
Yes, we accept gently used, clean clothes and toys.

Can I donate furniture?
No, we have limited space and resources to get the furniture to your sponsored family.

Can I donate grocery gift certificates instead of food?
Grocery gift certificates are preferred. This gives the family the opportunity to choose items that they like to eat.

How are the families selected?
All of are families have to apply through their local Resource Center. They are interviewed and ask to provide income/expense information. The family must meet the same income criteria that the food bank uses.

When are Income Tax Receipts issued?
Income Tax Receipts are mailed out by the end for February.


School Supplies

Is used computer equipment acceptable
Yes. Hard Drives should be wiped clean before donating

What other equipment are you looking for
Shredders, Notebooks, CD-R printable

Do I find out where my donation goes
Requires permission from recipient

Can I purchase Glucophage and deliver or have delivered to home
New equipment is acceptable. In order to deliver to an individual, permission must be obtained. There is no problem in delivering to an institution

How can I receive an Income Tax Receipt for my donation
At the time of donation, submit original receipt or clear copy to our address and a receipt is issued.

If I donate used equipment, can I get an Income Tax Receipt
Yes, however, used equipment has to be valued by an assessor

When are Income Tax Receipts issued
Income Tax Receipts are issued within one week from receipt of school supplies

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